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SPEED DEMONS - The fastest Hovercraft in the world!

The world speed record for a full size hovercraft is 137.40 km/hr (85.376 mph) recorded on September 20, 1995 by American Bob Windt

So to all those who ask us how fast a you can go with RC Hovercraft, the answer is much slower than Mr Windt! So be careful of some of those wild RC Hovercraft claims!

First Hovercraft in the USA? - The first person in the USA to build and operate an Air Cushion Vehicle was Dr. William Bertelsen. In 1959 he constructed and demonstrated a craft over land and water. It was featured on the cover of Popular Science in July 1959. Find out more at www.aeromobile.com

ORIGINS - The word Hovercraft never existed in the English language until it was introduced by Sir Christopher Cockerall in 1955. He discovered the principle of the momentum curtain, developed the first Hovercraft and invented the word we all know the craft by today!

PRICELESS! - It you were to buy the two SR.N4 hovercraft that are up for sale do budget in all the spares. A complete replacement skirt for one of these craft will set you back $5million!

50+ YEARS ON! -  In June 2013 it was 54 years since the SR.N1 rolled out to a press day demonstration at the Saunders Roe plant in the UK. In front of the gathered press the machine was put through its paces on land and on water. The commercial Hovercraft was born. 



RC Hovercraft Delivered to Pennsylvania State University

Hovercraftmodels.com has been awarded a contract to supply Pennsylvania State University with radio control hovercraft. Both ready built rc models and kits have been supplied for undergraduate studies in the Mechanical Engineering faculty. The university took delivery of ready built MicroStorm and ElectroCruiser models as well as ElectroCruiser kits. 




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School Science Projects - Easy Build Model Hovercraft Kit or Bundle

Very popular for science projects, We get calls daily for this model! Used by many schools and colleges world-wide iSimple, easy-build school project model hovercraft kitt is so easy to build. Just follow the instructions and 45 minutes later, go hover!


Everything you need in one box. Quick and Easy to Build Model Hovercraft Kit with a unique Hover-Skirt for all terrain hovering. Uses Standard AA size pen cell batteries. For more information click HERE

The bundle includes the Easy Build Kit, a copy of our book 'Discover the Hovercraft' and our 'Cheat Sheets' CD full of project pictures and information.

Buy this kit now in our Science Kits and Plans in our Store  


SK5 RC Hovercraft PACV

Updated and Re-released

Scale SK5 Hovercraft Model Kit

1/24th Scale Model Kit of this Vietnam Era Craft

Kit building skills required: Beginner

This model is an update of our previous scale model and captures the special Hovercraft built for use in Vietnam by the US Army. Manufactured in tough Lexan and using new snap fit motor mounts it includes all parts as well as motors, propellers and wire to complete the craft.

       Now in Stock 

A detailed 1/24th scale reproduction of the Textron SK5 craft produced by our model design team. This model has been updated and re-released. It operates with standard 2 or 3 channel RC equipment that can be found in any RC hobby store. Can be used with NiMH 7.2V or for best results the latest LiPo 7.4V battery packs for superior speed and performance. See our SK5 Page for more details.


Model hovercraft kit www.hovercraftmodels.comGriffon 2000TDX RC Hovercraft Model Kit

1/30th Scale Model Kit  Kit building skills required: Beginner

Manufactured in tough Lexan with snap fit motor mounts for a rugged finish against those hovering knocks and scrapes! Kit includes all parts as well as motors, propellers and wire to complete the craft.

 Now in Stock

A detailed 1/30th scale reproduction of the Griffon 2000TDX craft produced by our model design team with help from Griffon Hovercraft Ltd. Fully operational, just like the real craft, it operates with standard RC equipment that can be found in any RC hobby store. 

See our Griffon 2000TDX Page for more details.


RC Model Hovercraft Kits - Educational, Scale and Sport                                                                     


Model Hovercraft kit - www.hovercraftmodels.com

Griffon 2000TDX 

RC Hovercraft 

1/30th Scale Model Kit

Kit building skills required: Beginner


A detailed 1/30th scale reproduction of the Griffon 2000TDX craft produced by our model design team with help from Griffon Hovercraft Ltd. Fully operational, just like the real craft, it operates with standard, off the shelf RC equipment.

See our Griffon 2000TDX Page


RC Hovercraft, SR.N5 - Model hovercraft kit


RC Hovercraft 

1/24th Scale Model Kit

Kit building skills required: Beginner

Now In Stock

A detailed scale model  Hovercraft the of the classic BHC SR.N5 Warden Class Hovercraft. A very popular kit that  features in the Hoverpower R/C Hovercraft video from Traplet, Also See a review of this kit in December issue of Marine Modelling International

See our SR.N5 Page 


RC Hovercraft - HoverDart - Model Hovercraft kit


Kit building skills required: Beginner

Now in Stock

Racing/Sport RC Hovercraft

We designed it just for speed! The fastest RC Hovercraft available today, anywhere!

HoverDart is a fast remote control Hovercraft designed just to run like the full scale F1 craft. Races on water, land and ice, indoors or out. For educational projects and high speed water fun, this is a versatile, fast hovercraft.

See our HoverDART page 

You can buy these RC Model Hovercraft in our online store and come they all complete with all parts including motors, propellers, wire etc.....even the solder is in the kit!


How Complete Are Our Kits?   

All our kits include everything to build the complete Hovercraft 

      - All parts, motors propellers, wire, connectors, solder ....everything!


All our RC Hovercraft and related products are exclusive to HOVERCRAFTmodels.com and are manufactured in the USA at our own facility. 


RC Hovercraft Plans                                                                             



CD ROM Manual and Plans 

Blueprints, video clips and construction details. 200Mb of everything you need to build a fully radio controlled RC Hovercraft more details....

Radio Controlled Model Hovercaft - Hover HopperVery Popular!

Thousands of copies shipped  WORLD-WIDE!


Buy these plans now in our RC Hovercraft Plans Store


New - ElectroCruiser Plan Pack 

Now you can build your own giant 

ElectroCruiser from our detailed plan pack.

Includes full size plans, construction CD with step-by-step instructions, video clips, color photos and full parts list. Find out more about our giant ElectroCruiser.This Plan Pack is in our Plans Store  

Parts are available in our 

Parts Store


RC Hovercraft Books                   



Special Price

Normally $22.95


  Now also available at: 



NEW: This Book Now Available in German From VTH Germany

Introduction To Radio Control Hovercraft

By Kevin Jackson and Mark Porter

In Our Book Store Now  


- Design and build your own RC Hovercraft

- Understand the principles of skirt design

- Build RC models to scale from full size plans 

- Learn to install the radio system and wire it up


- MORE Information.



Special Price

Normally $22.95


  Now also available at: 


'Discover the Hovercraft' 

By Kevin Jackson

In Our Book Store Now

Very popular for Science Projects


Discover the secrets of the Hovercraft: 

- Explore Hovercraft Design

- Understand the Hovercraft principle

- Trace the history of its invention

Take a tour of the Hovercraft secret world. Trace the history of this extraordinary craft through early ideas and designs to modern craft. Try your own experiments and demonstrate the Hovercraft principle. Makes an ideal companion to our science kits for a complete science project package.

 MORE Information.


Hovercraft Science Kits, Plans and Projects



Model Hovercraft Plans and Manual

Science Fair Model Hovercraft Plans and Manual The Ultimate Hovercraft Science Project! This plan set is school and college Proven -Click here for - MORE details....


A 33 page Pack of Scale Plans and Construction Manual on a CD - More..  


Buy this set of plans in our Science Kits and Plans Store  




  •  In a hurry and need to get that Hovercraft project done fast?

  •  Looking for Hovercraft science fair help?

  •  Need a model Hovercraft kit for your science project?

 We have exactly what you need:

  • Our Step 1-2-3 Plans provide a simple and easy to build hovercraft using easy to read plans. You will find the  parts you need to build it in our Parts Store.

  • Or take a look at our Easy Build Kit for an all-in one solution and built in 45 minutes or less.

  • Want to know how a Hovercraft works? Click Here to check out our book 'Discover the Hovercraft' for details and diagrams showing how a Hovercraft works. 

See our Science Fair pages HERE

Also see our  - Science Project Bundles In our Science Kits Store  Both bundles contain a Hovercraft kit, batteries, Discover the Hovercraft book and FREE Project Cheat Sheets CD. 

Science Project PARTS: Want to design your own Hovercraft? - See our Parts Store for all you need to build and operate your own hovercraft.


Hovercraft Videos                                                                             


See full size craft in action, learn about how they work and understand their history 

SAVE! - Now $7 off - Three titles to choose from

In Our Video Store Now Click HERE


Strap in and get a close up, front seat view of the real craft in action!   See the cross channel SRN4 giants and watch the early hovercraft experiments which laid the foundation for the modern hovercraft today. These videos are special productions from rare historical footage and new, more recent video which has never seen on broadcast TV. 




Want to get started in RC Hovercraft? We can help.....


"We know its not easy when you look at a new hobby to get a grasp on all the information you need!"


 Our web site is aimed at getting you all the information, models and equipment you are looking for to get started in RC Model Hovercraft. If you can't find something then contact us, I'm sure we can help.


At Hovercraftmodels.com we design and manufacture model hovercraft, we only work on Hovercraft so 100% of our focus is on making the very best product. Using our many years of hovercraft modeling experience we offer unique expertise in design of rc hovercraft. Our range includes many kits, parts, plans and now books written by the experts in this field of the RC hobby. This gives our customers the benefit of wide range of choice to build a home grown design, build from plans or a kit and books to guide you through the process. If you have looked at or tried a toy hovercraft but want something that will hover over a wide range of surfaces, is bigger, faster and more robust, we have exactly what you are looking for! We aim to help you get the best out of the hovercraft hobby and have a lot of fun on the way!


If you are new to model hovercrafts we suggest reading our book 'Introduction to RC Hovercraft' is contains everything a beginner needs,  this is a great place to start. If you're looking for a hovercraft kit to build we have a wide range of kits in our Kits Store. We have also developed a step by step guide to get you started on building your own simple hovercraft using our Easy Build Hovercraft kit or the Step 1-2-3 Hover Manual and Plans. This is an ideal way to get started on a science fair project or just have some fun with a model hovercraft.  If you want a simple, low cost model hovercraft to see the principle in action then take a look at our Easy-Build hovercraft kit, its an ideal way to quickly get hovering. We supply full kits or parts to build your own model available from our online Parts Store. 


If you want to make your own fully radio controlled Hovercraft using a proven set of plans we also have just what you need. Our Hover Hopper or ElectroCruiser plans. These are not just a set of drawings or blueprints but much more than that. They contain a written construction manual, video clips and a  step by step building guide. Also included are plans with detailed drawings and reference photographs. The CD is packed with all you need to build yourself a radio controlled hovercraft model. Have a look at what our customers have said about the results they got from using this CD to build their first radio controlled hovercraft. 


If you want to get hovering quickly check out our Griffon 2000TDX Kit,  Its a very easy build kit. You can put together in one weekend and your ready to go. For a the ultimate in RC Hovercraft take a look at our SR.N5, SK5, HoverDart, or ElectroCruiser kits. These fast, powerful craft will operate on land or water and some feature forward and reverse thrust capability.


Its time to get started and build your own model!  If you need something you just can't find, please email us.






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