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  Griffon 2000TDX HOVERCRAFT

                     RC Hovercraft - 1/30th Detailed Scale Model

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1/30th  Scale 

RC Hovercraft kit 

of the Griffon 2000TDX


Operates just like the 

full size craft


Watch it on water


MPG clip


Now available in our

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- Griffon 2000TDX -

RC Hovercraft Kit  


Operates on standard 

RC equipment. 

No mini servos or special battery packs required!



Griffon RC Hovercraft


Kit Features:

  • All pre-molded ABS body panels and parts

  • Full kit of parts including motors, propellers, nuts, bolt, wire and connectors

  • 20 Page detailed construction manual 

  • Uses any 4.8 to 8.4 volt rechargeable batteries

  • Ready made skirt assembly

  • Water or land ready

  • Compatible with 2 or 4 channel radio control systems 

  • Forward and reverse thrust capable

  • ILC Module compatible giving Independent lift and thrust motor control with just and 2  channel radio

  • Full electrical parts kit including motors, wire

  • Decal sheet

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Griffon 2000TDX  

Model Specifications:


Power: 4.8 tor 8.4 volt 600mA/Hr and greater capacity (mA/Hr) NiCad, MiMH or Lipoly batteries.



Thrust: 3 inch ducted fan

Lift: 3 inch ducted fan 


Motors: 280 size 


Skirt: Black Rip-stop Vinyl


Operating Surface:

Water or Land (will float off of hover and return to full hover) 

Will transition from water to land


Radio Requirements: 2, 3 or 4 channel land based RC systems ( as used in RC cars and boats) 


Speed Controller Requirements: 5 Amp 7-8 cell Electronic Speed Controller (ESC). Can use ILC model for 2 channel control with forward/reverse thrust


Craft size:  

Length: 18 inches

Width:  8 inches

Height: 5 inches


Craft Weight:  17 ounces loaded with battery, ESC and radio equipment (as in our combo)



How Long Will it Take to Build?

Makes a great weekend project. It will take you approximately 3-4 hours of construction time to complete it if you have RC modeling experience. If you're a beginner in RC modeling then allow a day to get the project completed and have your Griffon 2000TDX hovering. Remember you can always email rcmodel@hovercraftmodels.com for  hotline help!


To Finish the Griffon Model

You will require:

  • One 3oz can of model spray paint - Testors™ or Humbrol™ 

  • Small tube - silicone bath seal

  • Small modeling knife

  • Soldering iron

  • Styrene cement (as used on plastic model kits)

  • Some stick-on RC plane balancing weights maybe required depending on the type and size of battery used. 


The Griffon 2000TDX model is supplied with powerful motors that gives the model superb thrust and lift power as well as outstanding handling - it will hover backwards as fast as it goes forwards! 




Griffon RC Hovercraft on Water

Griffon 2000TDX RC Hovercraft Kit

Download and read the manual for this kit HERE


This RC hovercraft kit was developed by our model development team with help from Griffon Hovercraft Ltd in Southampton, UK. This is a faithful reproduction of the craft at 1/30th scale that is fully operational, just like the real craft and operates with standard, off the shelf RC equipment. Loaded with detail this model is low cost, very easy to build and great fun to operate!


The Griffon model kit features independent lift and thrust motors and comes complete with all the parts to construct it. Included in the kit are the motors, propellers, motor mounts, ready to fit skirt, rudder horn, rudder push rods, full nuts and bolts kit, decal sheet and 20 page construction manual.


Construction Manual

As with all Hovercraftmodels.com products, the Griffon 2000TDX construction manual gives extensive guidance with photos through each step of the building process. 


RC Hovercraft Manual - Hovercraftmdodels.com"A Very Detailed Manual"


Download and read the manual HERE




This will allow both seasoned builders and those new to RC Hovercraft to move quickly and confidently through the building process. A detailed supplement with the manual gives information on wiring the radio and electrical components and includes electrical diagrams with options for different radio setups.  


Griffon 2000TD RC Hovercraft


Independent Lift Control 

A unique feature of this model is the ability to independently control lift and thrust on a just 2 channel radio. By using the optional Independent Lift Control (ILCTM) module, developed specifically for this craft, the thrust motors can be controlled for full forward or reverse thrust and at the same time maintaining throttle control of the lift motor. All this is achieved on a standard 2 channel radio with no modifications and using standard size servos and speed controllers. No expensive mini servos, radios or battery packs are required. These features combined with the craft’s ability to operate on water, land, ice or snow make it one of the most versatile RC hovercraft ever made.



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Griffon 2000TDX RC Hovercraft Kit  GH1 

Including all parts - Motors, Propellers, Wiring,  Ready Made Skirt, Nuts/Bolts and 20 page Construction Manual


ILC Module  


The radio, battery and speed controller for this kit 

can be found in our online Parts Store



A Fast, Low Cost, Full Feature Radio Controlled

Hovercraft  Offering -

  • Powerful RC motors for outstanding performance 

  • Proportional RC throttle on lift and thrust

  • Rough, tough non-rip skirt

  • Will operate on water, ice or land

  • Can be used indoors or out

  • Water proof body panels and skirt

  • Easy unbolt and replace maintenance

  • Easy electric setup and run

  • Forward and reverse thrust capable

  • Runs on 4, 6, or 7 cell batteries

  • 1/4 mile range with standard 2, 3 or 4 channel R/C radios

"A scale model operates just like the real thing"


Radio Equipment and Speed Controller Choices: The speed controller(s), radio, batteries, and servo are not included in the Griffon 2000TD kit. You will need to source these at your local RC hobby store or go online to www.towerhobbies.com. We strongly recommend the use of LiPo battery packs with this craft due to their light weight. Light weight battery packs give better speed and agility. The Futaba 2DR 2 channel radio is ideal for this craft and the Tower Hobbies Intellispeed range of speed controllers work well with the Griffon as well. You could also use an existing 2 channel radio setup and speed controller if you have them. 


The Real Griffon 2000TDX

The real Griffon 2000TDX craft is very popular for a range of applications. Coming in many configurations, it is currently employed in applications as a ferry, survey craft, coast guard craft and in military roles. 


The full size Griffon 2000TDX


The British Marines recently used this craft in Iraq where it was possible to operate in areas that would have been unreachable by a conventional boat. Griffon Hovercraft Limited produce the largest range of hovercraft in the world.




Educational Transparent Model Also Available

For educational use, a see-through version of the craft is available that is also fully functional. This craft is molded in Lexan™ and is completely transparent. This allows all the internal functions of the craft to be seen. 

The Transparent 

Griffon 2000TDX



Even the skirt is transparent so it is possible to see into the plenum chamber of the craft to see how the lift motor operates, the skirt inflates supporting the craft on a cushion of air contained within the plenum chamber. This version of the craft will operate on water or land and can be painted using conventional RC car paints if required when the science experiments are over!  Find out More



Griffon 2000TDX

RC Hovercraft

  • Very easy to build

  • Ready molded parts

  • Low cost 

  • True 1/30th scale

Griffon 2000TDX Kit 


Includes all parts: Motors, Propellers, Wiring,  Ready Made Skirt, Nuts/Bolts, Construction Manual.

(RC Hovercraft Kit Part # GH-1)


Travels on land or water, 

inside or out, this electric powered craft will operate  on:

  •  Water

  •  Ice

  • Snow

  • Tiled floor

  • Wood floor

  • Concrete

  • Parking lots

  • Patio stones

Works on any smooth terrain and will travel on water with ease. Will float when not hovering. Will operate on a  beach.



Griffon 2000TDX

Detailed Views

Click on the thumbnail pictures for full size images


beacon_fitted.jpg (65120 bytes)


griffon_RC_hovercraft_sml.jpg (151782 bytes)


Visit the 

Griffon Hovercraft Ltd 

UK Web Site

or Griffon USA

and see all the liveries for detailing your 

2000TDX model




NEW - ILCTM Module

Lift and thrust control on a 2 channel radio


The optional Independent Lift Control (ILCTM) module was  developed specifically for this craft. It allows the thrust motors to be controlled for full forward or reverse thrust and at the same time maintaining throttle control of the lift motor. All this is achieved on a standard 2 channel radio with no modifications and using standard size servos and speed controllers. 


Just insert the ILC module between your forward/reverse speed controller and you have control of lift throttle and still have lift forward and reverse throttle as well. Its that easy!


ILC Module

In Our Parts Store



" Loaded with scale 

detail and yet 

very easy to build "


Easy-Build Steps

The Griffon 2000TDX construction is so easy. Its set out in a detailed yet simple to follow in a step by step guide - just follow each step and move to the next.

Simple Power Up

The Griffon 2000TDX model was designed so that it does not require special batteries - it uses the standard 4.8 to 8.4 volt 600mA/hr or greater batteries. That means you can use pen cells or , radio control car rechargeable batteries. These are available in most hobby stores.

"Installing the rudders and motors is a breeze!"

Everything you need is in the box! 

The motor assembly for the Griffon 2000TDX is simple and straight forward. Electrical wiring diagrams are included in the comprehensive 20 page manual.  Just solder on 4 wires, fit the propellers and bolt the assemblies into the craft body shell The wire is even in the kit!  



Griffon 2000TD





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