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Introduction to Radio Control Hovercraft


                          "At last! The book everyone is asking for" 

                         - Find out how to design and build your own RC Hovercraft -

'Introduction to Radio Control Hovercraft' 


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  • Learn to build your own RC Hovercraft

  • Understand the principles behind Hovercraft skirt design

  • How to build models to scale from full size plans 

  • Learn to install the radio and wire up the components 

This book is now available in German 


Packed with 124 pages of RC Hovercraft information and advice  - 


      - RC Hovercraft Design


      - Construction Principles


       - Building for scale or



      - Skirt and fan design


This Books covers:

  • Hovercraft principles

  • Building for scale or sport

  • Construction materials

  • Lift fan design

  • Selecting motors

  • Electrical setup

  • Example wiring diagrams

  • Skirt design

  • How to make a skirt

  • Selecting a radio

  • Craft operation

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'Introduction to Radio Control Hovercraft' 


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NEW: This Book Now Available in German

From VTH Germany




This book is an ideal companion to the video -


Mastering R/C Hovercraft



 Available from 

Traplet,  Publishers of 

Marine Modelling International Magazine(UK)



- Want to build your own RC Hovercraft ?

- Looking for detailed RC Hovercraft skirt design information?

- Want to know how to construct a scale or sport RC Hovercraft? 


For the first time, this comprehensive tutorial brings together all the information required to design and build a successful radio controlled Hovercraft model. The book introduces the construction of Hovercraft models and the concept of their operation. Written by two leading authorities in RC Hovercraft design, Kevin Jackson and Mark Porter take you through both the theoretical and practical aspects of the design and construction process.


Covering design, construction techniques, materials, motor selection, radio systems, electrical wiring and craft operation it addresses some of the common difficulties experienced by newcomers to RC Hovercraft.  The book includes a detailed step by step guide to skirt design and assembly, and the process of lift fan design and construction.


Generously illustrated with photos, 3D cutaways, data tables and diagrams, the principles are explained in theory and shown at work on real models. Setup and operation of the finished model are discussed along with some of the unique challenges of controlling the craft.


Actual pages from 'Introduction to Radio Control Hovercraft'


The book offers the experienced or first time modeler an opportunity to get started in the rapidly growing part of the RC hobby. Part plane and part boat, this unusual craft offers a whole new experience and this book is an ideal companion when venturing into this new field of radio control models.


Comments from Customers Who Bought This Book  -

Sun Nov 14, 2004 Subject Your: R/C Hovercraft Book. 

I have read the book and found it to be just the thing that we need!! I can see it becoming a bible amongst us enthusiasts! 
After placing the order on-line I was pleasantly surprised to receive it in 5 days!! And as regards to the cost, at current exchange rates it equated to £17 inc.p&p which I thought was good value for something that can be referred back to time and again.
Regards, Vinnie, UK



Book received very quickly; looks fantastic, many thanks.
Regards Ernie, UK



'Introduction to Radio Control Hovercraft'  - $22.95  

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'Introduction to Radio Contol Hovercraft' is 

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"A one stop source for Information to design and 

build RC Hovercraft "


Customer Comment:

I got a copy of your book and was excited enough to read through it in a couple of days. I was impressed with the quality of the publishing and the information and explanations were just as good and very insightful. Some basic airflow equations that are also included helped to reassure me that my design will work. This book is a resource that I wish I would have had when I began designing my hovercraft!

Mike, WA



Introduction to 

Radio Control Hovercraft

Published by Flexitech

Author: Kevin Jackson & Mark Porter

Binding - Perfect (soft cover) - 124 pages


ISBN 0-9753414-1-3



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