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RC Hovercraft - 1/24th Detailed Scale Model


Featured in: HOVERPOWER, Mastering R/C Hovercraft, video from 

Traplet,  Publishers of Marine Modeling International Magazine (UK)


Featured in: MMI Product Review: 

Marine Modeling International Magazine

Download the article (PDF Format)


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- SR.N5 -

Hovercraft Kit  



  • All pre-molded ABS and Lexan™ Body panels and parts

  • Bolt together design no glue needed

  • Full kit of parts including motors, propellers, nuts, bolt, wire and connectors

  • 20 Page detailed construction manual 

  • Uses standard RC Car 7.2 or 8.4 volt NiCad rechargeable batteries

  • Ready made skirt assembly

  • Water or land ready

  • Compatible with 2 or 4 channel radio control systems 

  • Forward and reverse thrust capable

  • Independent lift and thrust motor control with 4 channel radio

  • Full electrical parts kit including motors, wire, solder and all connectors

  • Works with most 2 channel radios and speed controllers

  • Decal sheet

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Model Specifications:


Craft size:  

Length: 26 inches

Width:  20 inches

Height: 11 inches


Craft Weight:  2 Pounds loaded with LiPO battery pack and radio equipment 


Power: 7.2 or 8.4 volt 1700mA/Hr and greater capacity  NiCad, NiMH or LiPo battery packs. We strongly recommend the use of LiPO battery packs for best performance.


Motors: 400 size 



Thrust: 6 inch 

Lift: 4 inch ducted fan 


Skirt: Black Rip-stop Vinyl


Operating Surface:

Water or Land (will float off of hover and return to full hover) 

Will transition from water to land


Hover Height: 1.5 inches (no additional load other than kit as built with radio and battery pack)


Speed: 10-25 MPH depending on terrain and operating conditions 


Radio Requirements: 2 or 4 channel land based RC systems ( as used in RC cars and boats) 


Speed Controller Requirements: 20 Amp 7-8 cell Electronic Speed Controller (ESC)


How Long Will it Take to Build?

Makes a great weekend project. It will take you approximately 8-10 hours of construction time to complete it if you have RC modeling experience. If you're a beginner in RC modeling then allow a weekend to get the project completed and have your SR.N5 hovering. Remember you can always email rcmodel@hovercraftmodels.com for  hotline help!


To Finish the SR.N5 Model

You will require:

  • Model spray paint - Testors™ or Humbrol™ 

  • Small tube - silicone bath seal

  • Small modeling knife

  • Soldering iron

  • Some stick-on RC plane balancing weights maybe required depending on the type and size of battery used. A 6 cell RC car NiCad will require 3-4 ounces depending on the battery manufacturer.


1/24 Scale RC Hovercraft kit 

of the BHC SR.N5 Warden Class Hovercraft


Available in our Model Hovercraft Kits Store

SR.N5 Kit  


Your will love the detail of this model! Based on the post trials version of this classic craft the SR.N5 RC Hovercraft features very detailed deck and rudder panel lines just as on the real thing. Extra effort has been put into this model to give it that familiar SR.N5 look by adding detailed engine intake and elevator moldings. It even features the rear storage bins, puff ports, bifurcated exhaust and cabin lines. Complemented with an extensive decal sheet this kit will allow you reproduce the HoverTravel fast ferry, Bell USA or Canadian Coast Guard versions of this craft.  


SR.N5 Kit - Customer Comments


"A word or warning! You will find this craft fast" 

Says SR.N5 kit reviewer David Semper, 

Marine Modelling Magazine, Dec 2004


Customer J. Thomas USA:

This is an awesome kit to put together. Directions are clear and easy to understand. 


SR.N5 Customer Mr. Kennedy in the UK  says:

I purchased an SRN.5 from you just before Christmas.  Just letting you know I think its a fantastic model and lots of fun to operate.

See our customers completed kits in the Gallery    



This is a fast model as well! Molded in Lexan and ABS this not only looks the part buts its a robust as well. charge the batteries and take it to your local lake or hit the beach for some water edge hover fun. We did just that and the video here gives you a taste of the fun!


A Fast, Full Feature Radio Controlled

Hovercraft  Offering -

  • Powerful RC motors for outstanding performance 

  • Proportional RC throttle on lift and thrust

  • Rough, tough non-rip skirt

  • Will operate on water, ice or land

  • Can be used indoors or out

  • Smooth and rough surface capable

  • Water proof body panels and skirt

  • Easy unbolt and replace maintenance

  • Easy electric setup and run

  • Forward and reverse thrust capable

  • Runs on standard R/C Car 6/7 cell batteries

  • 1/4 mile range with standard 2, 3 or 4 channel R/C radios

"A scale model that looks and operates just like the real thing"


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Complete SR.N5 Kit  

Including all parts - Motors, Propellers, Wiring, Connectors, Ready Made Skirt, Nuts/Bolts and 20 page Construction Manual - Part Number SRN5RC

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The SR.N5 model is supplied with powerful motors as used in our giant Electro Cruiser. This gives the SR.N5 superb thrust and lift power as well as outstanding handling - it will hover backwards as fast as it goes forwards! 


As with all our kits it features a highly detailed construction manual. The manual has step by step instructions, high resolution photos and full electrical wiring diagrams. The manual walks you step by step confidently through the process of building and operating the SRN5 RC hovercraft. 

RC Hovercraft Manual - Hovercraftmdodels.com

The manual not only provides a comprehensive parts list, instruction set and background information but also gives details of hovercraft operation and setup with 2 and 4 channel radios.



"Superbly detailed construction manual"

This SR.N5 RC Hovercraft offers true scale performance. It features high efficiency twin motors for optimum lift and thrust. The design has benefited from the Hovercraftmodels.com attention to detail in reproducing a model that will get attention at your local lake. This is a fast model hovercraft that comes as close as it gets to full size craft. Capable of forward and reverse thrust with throttle control makes this a very agile hovercraft.

The model is all molded in Lexan™ and ABS to make a robust and durable body. The SR.N5  can be operated with a 2 channel radio controlling the throttle for both lift and thrust motors from one speed controller and a single servo for rudder control. It can also be configured for 4 channel operation using two speed controllers and one servo for rudder control, the choice is yours. Full configuration details are in the manual, the kit supports both configurations.

Radio Equipment and Speed Controller Choices:  

The speed controller(s), radio, batteries, and servo are not included in the SR.N5 kit. You will need to source these at your local RC hobby store or go online to www.towerhobbies.com. We strongly recommend the use of LiPo battery packs with this craft due to their light weight. Light weight battery packs give better speed and agility. The Futaba 2DR 2 channel radio is ideal for this craft and the Tower Hobbies Intellispeed range of speed controllers work well with the SR.N5 as well. You could also use an existing 2 channel radio setup and speed controller if you have them. 





Easy to build true 1/24th scale

radio controlled 

Hovercraft kit 

 Travels on land or water, indoors or out  - This electric powered craft will operate  on:

  •  Water

  •  Ice

  • Snow

  • Carpet

  • Tiled floor

  • Wood floor

  • Concrete

  • Parking lots

  • Patio stones

  • Dirt tracks

Works on rough or smooth terrain and will travel on water with ease. Will float when not hovering. Will operate on a  beach.


 - NEW Video Features our SR.N5 Kit -



HOVERPOWER Mastering R/C Hovercraft Available from 


Publishers of Marine Modelling International Magazine(UK)




See the SR.N5 in operation - 

SR.N5 Video HERE 

(2Mb MPG download)

Download a



RC Hovercraft

Brochure and Spec sheet




" A scale model hovercraft that has  superb scale like features  "


Easy-Build Steps

SR.N5 construction is set out in a detailed yet simple to follow step by step guide - just follow each step.

Simple Power Up

The SR.N5 model was designed so that it does not require special batteries - it uses the standard 7.2 or 8.4 volt 1700mA/hr or greater, radio control car rechargeable batteries. These are available in most hobby stores.

"Installing the rudders and motors is a breeze!"

Everything you need.... even the solder is in the box! 

The motor assembly for the SR.N5 is simple and straight forward. Electrical wiring diagrams are included in the comprehensive 20 page manual.  Just solder on 4 wires, fit the propellers and bolt the assemblies into the SR.N5 body shell The wire and solder are even in the kit!  Also includes connecters to match the standard RC speed controller output used on radio control cars and boats. Just crimp the connectors, plug it in and you're ready to hover. 







Shipping SR.N5 

- We ship our kits all over the world - 

International Shipping - World-Wide


Note: Specification are subject to change as we have a policy of continual product improvement.



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